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Honey and other benefits of its derivatives: propolis, pollen and royal jelly are taken into account when you want to have good health. These are the most important products that should be used not only to be healthy but also to have a flawless complexion.

Medical researchers found that honey and processed products made from honey, are recommended for improvement or cure of various diseases, due to its therapeutic effects. The most serious problems that have been treated with honey is cancer and multiple sclerosis.

But bee products are recommended especially during the growth of children , the disease of the digestive, respiratory, liver, asthenia and neurosis.

During cold seasons it is recommended to use products based on propolis, whether tincture or syrup, and growing children or during exams, it is recommended to supplement the diet with honey and blueberries. If you or your children suffer from tonsillitis, pharyngitis or laryngitis, is recommended to eat with propolis tincture or syrup with honey and acacia.

As I said honey-based products used for skin care, especially cleansing lotion based on milk and honey masks with royal jelly, and propolis tincture is a good antiseptic and healing.

Be aware that any honey-based product is welcomed and consumed daily in a small proportion, not to excess, such as a teaspoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach will help you and digestion and bowel movements normal. But that's not all. There are many types of honey and many ways honey can be made. Not every beekeeper uses traditional techniques for harvesting honey. That's why I always said to my friends it's really important to buy and consume bio honey and forget all those api-inverted (not natural) products or honey from unknown sources. Find a good source if you are looking for the best honey (acheter miel bio) and stick to it. There are plenty of trusted honey providers in any country. Use the internet to search them, it will help a lot.

Remember that honey can make a big difference in your life.